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    Supreme Greens
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    Supreme Greens is the perfect supplement for individuals who do not consume the recommended 5-7 servings of vegetables on a daily basis.  Supreme Greens is 100% natural and provides 24 high potency, antioxidant rich, ingredients including organic grasses, fresh/sea water vegetation, nutritious superfoods, adaptogenic / standardized herbs and a blend of phytonutrient rich vegetables.  MORE INFORMATION.


    Supreme Greens is 100% natural and does not contain any sweeteners, flavors or medicinal herbs. 


    Serving Size 3 tsp. (8.5gr)

    Servings per container:  Approx. 30

    Enjoy the great vegetable taste of Supreme Greens today. 

                   AMOUNT PER SERVING

                          % DAILY VALUE
    Calories 35
    Calories from fat 15

    Total Fat 1.5g


    Saturated Fat 0g


    Cholesterol 0mg


    Total Carbohydrates 3g   


    Dietary Fiber 2g


    Sugars 1g
    Protein 2g       
    Vitamin A (as Beta Carotene) 100%
    Vitamin C 23mg 38%
    Calcium 78mg 8%
    Iron 3.76mg 21%
    Sodium 70mg 3%
    Organic Grass Blend (Proprietary Blend) 2660mg

    Alfalfa, Barley, Wheat Grass Juice Powders

    Soy Lecithin (97% Phospholipids, 99% oil-free) *
    Spirulina 944mg *
    Phytonutrient Vegetables (Proprietary Blend) 925mg

    Asparagus, Broccoli, Cabbage, Carrot, Celery, Red Beet, Spinach Powders

    Soy Sprouts 585mg *
    Kelp 472mg *
    Chlorella 283mg *
    Brown Rice 216mg *
    Acerola Berry Juice Powder (15% Nat. Vit. C) 132mg *
    Bee Pollen  113mg *
    Royal Jelly (6% 10-HDA)  94mg *
    Dunaliella Salina (Natural Beta Carotene) 94mg *
    Adaptogenic Herb Blend (Proprietary Blend) 94mg

    Astrgalus, Membranaceus, Ginko Biloba (24% Flavone Glycosides), Grape Seed Extract (95% OPC), Siberian Ginseng


    + Percent Daily Values based on a 2,000 Calorie Diet.

    * Daily Values not established



    In 1992, the USDA established the food guide pyramid which suggests at least three-five servings of vegetables daily. For many of us this may pose a challenge; fortunately there is Supreme Greens.

    Supreme Greens is an all-natural, antioxidant rich, synergistically blended green food nutritional powerhouse on the leading edge of a new era in nutrition. This nutrient-rich food is formulated and manufactured using proprietary techniques to provide the dedicated health enthusiast with a convenient, economical and great tasting supplement of optimal nutrition and dietary value which health authorities state is needed each day for optimum health.

    Who should be consuming Supreme Greens?

    Supreme Greens is appropriate for anyone who is concerned about his/her health and the lack of proper nutrition in today's diet. Current research demonstrates that 92% of our population does not obtain the recommended three-five servings of vegetables per day. One 8.5 gram serving of Supreme Greens can help bridge this gap.


    What type of ingredients are in Supreme Greens?


    Supreme Greens has 24 high quality, precisely balanced ingredients including organic grass juice powders, phytonutrient rich vegetables, sea/fresh water vegetation, superfoods, standardized and adaptogenic herbs.


    Is Supreme Greens organic?

    Many of the ingredients in Supreme Greens are organic, such as the grass powders (wheat, barley and alfalfa grass juice powders), sprouts, sea/fresh water vegetation, some of the ingredients are wild crafted and/or grown and harvested according to strict quality practices. You can be confident knowing that the ingredients in Supreme Greens are pure, fresh, preservative free and of the finest quality available today.


    What are organic grasses?

    The organic grasses in Supreme Greens consist of wheat, barley and alfalfa. All of these grasses are rich in chlorophyll and naturally support the body.


    What are superfoods?

    Superfoods are among the world’s finest nutrient-dense foods. They contain a complete array of nutritional factors which support optimum health.


    What are phytonutrients?

    Phytonutrients, also known as phytochemicals, are the natural components recently isolated in vegetables and fruits. Many nutritional scientists believe that phytonutrients have many positive health benefits.


    What are "adaptogenic" herbs?

    These valuable herbs help promote and normalize body functions. By helping to normalize important body functions, adaptogens nutritionally support the body's natural balance and "adapt" to more efficient functioning.


    What is the importance of sea vegetation?

    Sea vegetation is rich in many nutrients and has a natural balance similar to the human body. It has been stated that the oceans are the foundation for life and good nutrition on our planet.


    What is the purpose of Lecithin?

    Lecithin is found in nearly every cell and is thought to emulsify fat and cholesterol, nutritionally support the liver and aid in the production of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. The lecithin in Supreme Greens is 99% oil free, high in phospholipids and most importantly allows the ingredients in Supreme Greens to be more effectively absorbed and utilized by the body.


    Why are green foods so important to good health?

    Over the last twenty years, scientists around the world have consistently found that people who consume greater amounts of green foods have significantly lower rates of illness.


    How many calories are in a daily serving of Supreme Greens?

    There are 35 calories per serving of Supreme Greens all from vegetable sources for easy assimilation. Supreme Greens contains 1.5 grams of unsaturated fat (HDL the good fat) and zero grams of saturated fat (LDL the dangerous fat).


    When do I take Supreme Greens?

    The best time is in the morning, on an empty stomach, prior to breakfast or if you prefer 15 to 30 minutes after meals.


    Why take Supreme Greens on an empty stomach? Will I get indigestion?

    Supreme Greens is taken mixed into a liquid, and is assimilated more effectively when taken on an empty stomach, Supreme Greens is an 100% natural whole food based supplement and should not upset your stomach.


    How do I mix Supreme Greens?

    Mix one serving of Supreme Greens with 4 to 8 oz. of purified water or your favorite juice.


    Can I premix Supreme Greens ahead of time?

    Supreme Greens is enzyme rich and fully activated when mixed with liquid. For maximum results Supreme Greens should be consumed within 15 to 30 minutes of being rehydrated in liquids.


    Can I take Supreme Greens?

    Expectant women should always consult their health care professional before taking any supplements.


    When can children take Supreme Greens?

    Beginning at approximately 4 years of age, start with 1/4 tsp. per day; at 10 years of age, I tsp. per day; 16 years of age, one full serving per day.


    How does Supreme Greens taste?

    Supreme Greens has a natural vegetable taste. We receive many compliments on how well Supreme Greens tastes in purified water especially when compared to other green food products on the market today.


    How often do I take Supreme Greens?

    One serving, once per day is standard for most individuals. Some health enthusiasts may desire to consume additional doses throughout the day or after strenuous activities to replenish lost nutrients.


    Will Supreme Greens interfere with any medications I am taking?

    Supreme Greens has not demonstrated to have any contradictions with medications. If you have any concerns, you should consult with your health care professional.


    I am allergic to wheat, will the grasses in Supreme Greens affect me?

    No, our organic grass juice powders are gluten-free, which is a common cause of wheat allergies.


    Is there any caffeine in Supreme Greens?

    No! It is against our nutritional philosophy to add herbs or teas such as green tea which contain caffeine in any of our products.


    How does Supreme Greens rank in quality?

    Our goal is to set the standard for nutritional supplements. The ingredients in Supreme Greens are of the purest and highest quality available.


    Should I take Supreme Greens daily?

    We recommend taking Supreme Greens every day as a source of valuable nutrition. Some health care professionals suggest that their clients skip one day of taking all supplements per week.


    Can I take too much Supreme Greens?

    You can always take too much of a good thing, however, you can drink Supreme Greens several times each day without side effects.


    Do I need to take vitamins with Supreme Greens?

    A high quality multivitamin or trace mineral supplement is always a good idea, however many people who take Supreme Greens use no other supplements or vitamins. We recommend that you consult your health care professional.


    What is the shelf life of Supreme Greens?

    Two years, since the Supreme Greens’ ingredients are cold temperature dried (rather than heat dried) to preserve enzyme activity, keeping an opened jar of Supreme Greens in the refrigerator will help assure freshness.


    Is Supreme Greens expensive?

    If you were able to locate and purchase all the ingredients in one bottle of Supreme Greens, your cost would be approximately $130. Many people add up the price of the supplements they are currently taking and find that the expense far exceeds the equivalent cost of Supreme Greens without many of the ingredients or benefits.

    What is the difference between Supreme Greens and other green foods on the market?

    Supreme Greens contains organic grasses, phytonutrient vegetables, superfoods, sea/fresh water vegetation, adaptogenic and standardized herbs and offers a complete nutritional profile from 100% natural, whole foods to provide the natural factors that are commonly missing in synthetic vitamin and mineral supplements.*

    Supreme Greens does not contain trace amounts of many ingredients for the mere purpose of a label claim. Instead, we have chosen to omit medicinal herbs such as bilberry and echinacea which health professionals generally agree are important in times of need but should not be part of a daily supplement. We also omitted probiotic cultures such as acidolphilus which are highly sensitive to heat and must be continually refrigerated before and after manufacturing, during shipping and while on the shelf to assure the dairy free cultures do not die off prior to being purchased and used by the consumer. Instead, we decided to innovate and concentrate on a balanced formula which addresses the issue that our population does not obtain adequate amounts of green foods especially vegetables on a daily basis. Supreme Greens is one of the only green food supplements to incorporate a complete blend of phytonutrient rich vegetables and omit all flavorings, preservatives, additives, sweeteners, stabilizers and fillers. Supreme Greens is a complete nutritional dietary supplement with many nutritional benefits to help you bridge the gap between what health experts state we should eat and what we actually consume on a daily basis. And that is why Supreme Greens is rapidly becoming the number one recommended superfoods available today!

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