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    Manganese, 32 oz

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    Quick Reference Guide for Using Essential Oils
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    Coil Bound "Quick Reference Guide for Using Essential Oils" (2012 Edition) by Connie and Alan Higley (click here for more information)


    Comprehensive information about pure, therapeutic quality essential oils in a readily accessible, reference guide format. 

    Designed as a pocket guide for convenience, the Quick Reference Guide for Using Essential Oils contains the last section, "Personal Guide", of the large Reference Guide for Essential Oils plus the Vita Flex Feet Chart and other summary information. It is the perfect pocket guide to using pure, therapeutic quality essential oils and other commercially available products that contain pure essential oils. With information on over 650 health conditions, it is probably one of the most comprehensive and concise books of its kind on the market today. The new 2012 Edition is revised and expanded, with more information than ever before, new navigation aids, and research findings from a host of published studies.

    The latest edition of the Quick Reference Guide for Using Essential Oils includes:

    • Photo illustrations for the Raindrop Therapy techniques
    • Photo illustrations and Hand Chart for the Vita-Flex technique  

    This book is bound with a plastic spiral binding. This type of binding is very durable and allows the pages to lie flat—facilitating the use of this book during the application of oils.

    Size: 488 pages. 6½" x 6" x ¾" (with spiral binding).

    What readers are saying about the Essential Oil Reference Guide

    This is a great book. It is very convenient and love all the extra information--tips to use, oils in blends listed in Appendix, then singles listed and the blends and products it is in. The book is indexed by ailment is great for quick reference. Ex: Colds: suggestions--RC, etc. It does have small print, so if you have problems with small print get the Bigger one.

    I think I prefer the new version as compared to the 2012 edition. It has the most popular oil listed first to use on the recommendations. It also has convenient icons next to the oils recommended on how to use it in the 13th edition (2012). A- Aromatic, D- Diffuse, T- Topically.

    Great for travel. A real learning guide.

    It does recommend Young Living oils because health food store oils have chemicals and should not be used (warnings on health food store bottles) to get relief from any ailments. Young Living oils are 100% pure (no warning labels)therapeutic grade essential oils, so you can use them as the book suggests and get great results. I use the book and the oils. I disagree with other reviewer. I used previous oil brands in soap making (almost 13 years) and I can tell a REAL difference in concentration and how my nose can tell a difference NOW--and my skin. I have very sensitive skin, and I use the Young Living oils==all ways suggested and some internally, too. ~ Danielle T Jackson-- Blog-- Blessing Others Through Young Living Oils.

    This book has been on my wish list for many years, but I didn't buy it because there were always more pressing things to spend my money on. Now that I finally have it in my hands, I wonder how I could have lived without it! It's a FANTASTIC guide to essential oils, particularly those sold by Young Living. You can look up symptoms in the index and find out which oils best suit them; how and where to apply the oils and way more. Now whenever one of my friends or neighbors is complaining of an ailment, I have something concrete to offer! If you're a believer in essential oils and want to know how to use them more widely, this is the only guide you'll ever need!

    I have used this book so much since it came. I have many of the Young Living essential oils and have been able to use them for many more things than I had originally thought. I highly recommend this book.

    I also ordered the smaller version called the Quick reference guide. I keep it in my car or purse if I need a lighter load and want to share it to help. ~ Barbara H. LaFond

    I had purchased essential oils & this was a very detailed book on how to use the oils. If I need to research it can be done by ailment or condition or by the type of oil. If you are looking to use medicinal oils this is the book to purchase. Sue

    My wife's new "bible". She's constantly in this guide and our family is benefitting tremendously from it. Very informative. Explains the origin of natural oils, the science behind it and how best to apply. Has a section on what each oil is best for, one for what oil to use for almost any problem or desired help, and other sections to easily answer almost every question that one could imagine about essential oils. EXTREMELY helpful and well worth the money. If you have any interest in essential oils, this is the book for you. ~ Aaron

    This little book packs a lot of info in it! There's everything you'll need for a quick reference or for the beginner. ~ Laurie


    Connie Higley has had a fascination for natural healing methods, relying on herbs and herbal remedies for much of her life. Always interested in natural ways to help maintain the health of her family, she has studied Educational Kinesiology and attended several lectures and conferences on natural healing methods. She received her bachelor's degree in Information Management in 1989 and developed a unique talent for organizing information. As a devoted mother, Connie became excited about the possible uses of essential oils when she learned about the therapeutic and emotional effects that could be achieved. In May 1995, she met Pat Leatham and was shown the pages of notes that Pat had compiled over the previous four months. Connie worked with Pat to organize the information, and then she expanded it for the two of them and their friends. The growing demand for this information has evolved into this book and others. Because of Connie's tremendous desire to help others by providing needed, well-organized information, she summoned the help of her husband, Alan, and together they continue to research and expand this vital information. 

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