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    Manganese, 32 oz

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    Performance Plus
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    An aloe vera based liquid trace mineral supplement.  It contains approximately 74-plant based, naturally chelated, trace minerals derived from our exclusive Sea Life Blend. The Sea Life Blend consists of eight varieties of freshly harvested sea vegetables which clearly demonstrates nutritional superiority compared to all other natural mineral sources.  MORE INFORMATION
    Performance Plus is a 100% natural, cold processed supplement of exceptional quality with a great natural black cherry flavor. Performance Plus is a perfect product for children, active lifestyles and senior citizens to use and enjoy.
    Some companies get their minerals from here....

    Ours come from fresh sea vegetation!!!



                                                        Which do you prefer?


    Benefits and Features

    • A new dimension in trace mineral supplements
    • IASC Certified aloe vera liquid base
    • Minerals exclusively derived from fresh sea vegetation
    • Mineral content of sea vegetation is superior to land vegetation
    • Over 92 nutritional elements have been identified in sea vegetation
    • Great tasting liquid formula
    Performance Plus Does Not Contain:
    • Prehistoric soil source minerals
    • High sodium source minerals
    • Artificial flavors or ingredients
    • Water base or artificial coloring

    In conjunction with any dietary supplementation, it is best and recommended to eat an everyday diet rich in whole foods, grains, fruits and vegetables. In addition, drink at least eight glasses of purified water daily.



    Serving Size 1 Fl. Ounce (30ml)

    Servings per container:  Approx. 32

                   AMOUNT PER SERVING

                          % DAILY VALUE
    Calories 5  
    Fat 0g 


    Cholesterol 0mg  


    Total Carbohydrates 1g 


    Vitamin C 4mg


    Aloe Vera 14.85g   


    Sea Life Blend Proprietary Blend 13.5g  
    Purified Water *
    Green Sea Lettuce        *
    Green String Lettuce  *
    Popping Wrack *
    Ribbon Kelp  *
    Seersucker *
    Sugar Wrack *
    Turkish Towel *
    Wing Kelp   *

    + Percent Daily Values based on a 2,000 Calorie Diet.

    * Daily Values not established


    Other Ingredients: Honey, Black Cherry, Potassium Sorbate,
    Sodium Benzoate (natural preservatives in aloe vera @ .005%).


    This product contains a spectrum of up to 74 naturally occurring plant source minerals. The freshly harvested sea vegetation provides true plant based minerals ranging from A-Z.


    A True Plant Based Trace Mineral Supplement

    What is Performance Plus?

    Performance Plus is an aloe vera based, liquid trace mineral supplement. It contains approximately 74-plant source; trace minerals derived from eight varieties of freshly harvested sea vegetation. Performance Plus is a 100% natural, cold processed supplement of exceptional quality with a great natural black cherry flavor. Performance Plus is a perfect product for children, active lifestyles and senior citizens to use and enjoy.

    I understand that some liquid mineral products may be questionable in regards to safety. Is Performance Plus a safe product?

    Some liquid mineral products are questionable in regards to safety, however these products generally derive their minerals from prehistoric plants that have allegedly decomposed in the soil. Perfect Source believes that man was not meant to consume soil and that the body efficiently recognizes sea vegetables just as the body recognizes fresh land vegetables as nutrient rich foods. We also question the safety of soil/shale based minerals due to the fact that they are characteristically extremely high in minerals such as Aluminum, Mercury and Sulfur. Perfect Source considers soil to be a dead source of minerals when compared to freshly harvested sea vegetables. The trace minerals in Performance Plus are derived from eight varieties of freshly harvested sea vegetables. Perfect Source has verified through independent third party testing that the minerals in Performance Plus occur in safe levels and preferred ratios compared to other mineral supplements. It is important to note that sea vegetation has been historically consumed by man on a daily basis as a food staple. Sea vegetation is a safe, highly nutritious source of vital nutritional elements.


    Why use Sea Vegetables in Performance Plus?  Are Sea Vegetables Safe?


    The sea vegetables in Performance Plus are grown and harvested in pure ocean waters and contain no toxic or chemical residues. All of the naturally occurring nutritional elements are derived in a laboratory environment by way of a proprietary aqueous extraction method in which no heat or chemicals are used or added, rendering all of the natural components of sea vegetation in their purest form and balance.*

    Through third party analytical testing, Perfect Source has been able to prove that the mineral composition in Performance Plus is safe, non-toxic and superior to other trace mineral products. We invite you to put our product to the test against your own rigorous standards.*

    Why are the trace minerals in Performance Plus superior to the minerals in your typical trace mineral product?

    We believe the trace mineral content in Performance Plus is superior to other mineral supplements due to the fact that they are derived from a nutrient-dense food source (sea vegetables) and occur in proper, preferred ratios and quantities especially when compared to high sodium or prehistoric soil based mineral supplements which in our opinion, are nothing more than diluted mud.*

    Why do most Liquid Mineral supplements taste terrible?                                  

    Most liquid mineral supplements taste poorly due to the source of their minerals. Many soil-based products are high in heavy metals which tend to leave a strong metallic taste upon consumption. The disproportionate quantities of minerals in soil based products have also reportedly lead to gastrointestinal discomfort due to their excessive sulfur content. High sodium source products tend to be very difficult to consume since they have a salty, bitter taste. This is why you will generally find these products to contain added sugars or sweeteners and artificial flavors.*

    Why do many Liquid Mineral Supplements Contain Artificial Colorants?

    Many products on the market today need to utilize artificial colors to hide sediment and match the product’s physical appearance to its artificial flavoring. Performance Plus contains natural flavoring and absolutely no artificial colors or ingredients.*

    Compared to other products, Performance Plus tastes great! Why?

    Performance Plus contains Natural Black Cherry a functional ingredient that has many nutritional benefits and enhances the taste of our product. Performance Plus is reported to be among the best tasting mineral supplements in existence today! Performance Plus can be taken straight or mixed into your favorite juice. The cap holds one ounce and can also be used as a measuring device.*

    If soil based minerals are undesirable, what about trace mineral products from the Great Salt Lake or Ocean Water?

    Minerals from ocean water or the Great Salt Lake are not plant source minerals and generally have high sodium levels or have had to have several minerals precipitated (removed) from the formula to remain within safe levels. Many mineral formulas characteristically have to add isolate minerals into the formulation to replace the minerals that were inadvertently removed while lowering the sodium and other mineral levels for safety reasons. Sea vegetation is a complete, nutrient dense food that does not need to have minerals added, reduced or removed since sea vegetables are plant based, nutrient dense foods.*

    I understand that most liquid mineral products are identical to each other consisting of soil, water, artificial flavors and chemicals; which can basically be termed as flavored mud, why is Performance Plus superior?

                                                                                                                                Back to Top

    Performance Plus does not contain any soil/shale based minerals. The minerals in Performance Plus are obtained from eight varieties of freshly harvested sea vegetation and our liquid medium is IASC Certified aloe vera. With Performance Plus you receive two supplements in one; a trace mineral supplement and an aloe vera supplement which is effective for the consumer. Performance Plus is cold-processed without the use of any chemicals, soil, or artificial ingredients.*

    Why does Performance Plus contain a blend of Sea Vegetables instead of just Kelp?

    The Sea Life Blend in Performance Plus is a mineral-rich blend of eight varieties of sea vegetables, which are grown in pure ocean waters. Perfect Source uses a blend of seaweed to effectively utilize the diversified benefits of different plant varieties. This is important since research has demonstrated that the nutritional properties of sea vegetation, as with land vegetation, differ between varieties.*

    What is IASC Certified Aloe Vera?

    The International Aloe Science Council (IASC) certifies the purity of aloe vera to ensure a more effective product that incorporates all of aloe vera’s natural benefits such as anti-inflammation, wound healing and cellular health support. IASC certification requires continual analytical testing to assure that all of the essential components in aloe vera are present. Perfect Source utilizes only IASC certified aloe vera to assure the presence of aloe vera’s natural biological activity.*

    Why is Aloe Vera superior to water in trace mineral supplements?

    Water is vital to life, however Perfect Source feels that high quality aloe vera is superior to water due to the fact that it is a natural botanical with many nutritionally supportive properties.  Aloe vera is also thought to have the natural ability to support the body and promote digestion.  Many people have reportedly used aloe vera to support inflammatory reactions and decrease pain by reducing swelling, joint and muscle aches. Aloe vera is time tested with use all over the world for its wonderful natural benefits.*

    Does Performance Plus Contain Whole Leaf Aloe Vera?                                

    No! Perfect Source can demonstrate through third party analytical testing that our IASC Certified aloe vera is superior to whole leaf aloe vera. We attribute this to the fact that whole leaf aloe vera must be extensively filtered to remove the undesired substances that naturally-occur in the rind of aloe vera leaves. One must question the nutrient loss that occurs during the filtering of whole leaf aloe vera. Our philosophy is that raw materials especially aloe vera should remain unfiltered to ensure nutritional integrity!*

    Does Performance Plus require refrigeration or special handling?

    For maximum freshness, store unopened container away from heat and direct light. Heat may compromise the nutritional elements in Performance Plus. After opening, close container tightly and refrigerate to assure maximum freshness.*

    Do I need a calcium supplement if I take Performance Plus?

    A high quality calcium supplement is always a good idea especially for women. We recommend that you consult your health care professional in regards to your individual supplementation requirements.*

    Can I take more than 1-2 ounces of Performance Plus Daily?

    The recommended daily usage is 1-2 ounces per day, however, your health professional may suggest increasing the daily usage according to your individual requirements.*  Many health professionals suggest taking 2-4 ounces per day for the first two weeks, then cut back to the recommended 1-2 ounces per day.

    The statements above have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  Certain persons considered experts may disagree with one or more of the statements contained in this web site.  Said statements are nevertheless deemed to be based upon reliable and authoritative reports

    For many people the nutrient-dense seas surrounding us have become a vital source of food and nutritional support.*  Sea vegetation is known to be among the richest sources of organic minerals.  When sea vegetation is consumed it supports the body by providing the cells with plant based nutrients to support optimum health and well-being.Back to Top
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