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    Living Streams Probiotic 8oz
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    Living Streams LIQUID PROBIOTIC™

    an all-natural probiotic in liquid form for total body support!

    made from naturally occurring lactobacillus probiotic microbes


    INGREDIENTS:  Proprietary blend of filtered water, lactobacillus paracasei, lactobacillus curvatus, and other probiotic subspecies.

    Pro-Biotic means "FOR LIFE"...  let our "21st century" LIQUID probiotics help you to return to optimal core health by promoting good digestion, maintain regularity, support your immune system, plus a LOT more...  guaranteed!

    Living Streams LIQUID PROBIOTIC™

    An all-natural probiotic in liquid form for total body support!



    Made from naturally occurring lactobacillus probiotic microbes Biotic means Life.  Antibiotic means Against Life.  Probiotic means Pro Life or For Life.  A compromised immune system due to pharmaceutical drugs, antibiotics, toxins in our water, air, soil, food, and a polluted environment gone unchecked means you need an internal army of pro-life (probiotic) fighters.  These friendly flora assist the immune system.

    What is Living streams Probiotic?

    Living Streams Probiotic is a totally NEW, unique friendly flora probiotic. This product could well be one of the most beneficial products in support of the body's homeostasis EVER discovered.


    What is it made from?

    Living Streams Probiotic is all-natural and made from naturally occurring lactic acid flora found in many foods such as vegetables, cheese, and other dairy products.


    What is different about Living Streams Probiotics?

    Living Streams Probiotic is an all natural product of friendly bio-organisms (probiotics) that have been specially cultured and developed to produce the natural substances, including bactericins, the human body was meant to receive from flora in the intestinal track.  However, because of processed foods, lack of enzymes and other nutrients, poor quality intestinal flora and other health stresses, even the normal amounts of these substances that would otherwise be there, are missing in most people.  On top of that, because the friendly bacteria are missing, growth of "bad" bacteria can seriously harm health.  Even if you think you are healthy, these "bad bacteria" are slowly damaging your health. 


    Living Streams Probiotic is a totally NEW, unique friendly flora liquid solution.  The secret is in the "solution" the friendly flora produce, NOT in the bacteria themselves or the quantity of bacteria.  This is what sets Living Streams Probiotic apart from all other probiotic products.  Probiotic bacteria have long been known to benefit human health via their production of natural substances. 

    Living Streams Probiotic is a solution made from all natural probiotic... naturally occurring organisms in many foods... but it is specially formulated and processed to "super activate" their natural bio-production of beneficial substances that supports the immune system. 


    How safe is living streams?

    Living Streams Probiotic is a safe and all natural liquid solution.  It is not a drug.  It simply provides the natural substances friendly flora normally should be providing the body, but this solution is a much stronger concentration of these vital substances.  Don't get confused by looking for "bacterial counts" in this product.  The secret is in the products these friendly bacteria produce for us. 


    How Does Living Streams Work?

    Living Streams Probiotic is a unique unprocessed liquid, containing, acidophilus, other healthy flora and numerous naturally occurring by-products, called nutrients or food.  Our probiotic carries with it all the protection the flora needs to survive in the digestive tract.  One of our main flora (Paracasei) is a healthy cleanse flora that works in the liver and digestive tract to help flush out toxins.  Living Streams' primary flora, including acidophilus, is blended with other lactic acid flora for additional support.  Can be taken internally or externally.



    How Does Living streams help the immune system?

    Probiotics should normally be active and producing varied substances for normal health which are absorbed and utilized daily.  Living Streams Probiotic is the result of learning to work WITH these probiotics to have them produce FAR more of the natural substances than they could in normal conditions.  Living Streams Probiotic is a concentration of various "by-products" of these probiotics, proven to be extremely powerful support for immune function.


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