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    Manganese, 32 oz

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    LightTower - 7" Plates (3rd Generation)
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    Worried about the growing number of EMFs around your home and how they are effecting your health and the health of your family, pets and plants?

    This 3rd Generation LightTower has five powerful 7" plates engineered specifically to produce a harmonized beneficial energy field! This device greatly supports improved heart rate variability, blood oxygen saturation, sleep quality, natural healing response and overall healthy and balanced energy and stamina levels.  Each of the several trillion cells in our body has 100,000 chemical reactions per second, and every chemical reaction requires a photon to share the energy needed for the biochemical reaction. The 7" LightTower Gen 3 helps structure photons, making them highly coherent and functional.

    When placed on the LightTower Homestand (sold separately), the 7" - 5 plate LightTower reflects a strong balancing field that covers approximately 160,000 square feet (or roughly 3.5 acres). The 7" LightTower is perfect for homesteads or larger homes in densely populated areas.

    Why choose the 7" LightTower Gen 3 for your EMF protection and optimized well being?

    79% stronger biophotonic field than the 5" LightTower Gen 3

    Complete EMF Protection – Unlike other EMF products that only address a narrow set of frequencies, our plates produce a broad range of harmonic frequencies. This leaves no room for harmful exposures.

    Full-body Coherence – Our products are more than just EMF protection. Using resonant harmonics of light frequencies, we provide intercellular entrainment for the body.

    Practical Health Aide – When the body isn’t coherent, we feel sick. By restoring coherence within the body, you improve iron levels in the blood and boost your immune system.

    Instant Stress Relief – Have a clearer mind by allowing your personal biofield to heal. Finally, get a good night’s sleep and experience more vibrant well-being the next day.

    Performance Enhancer – Increase energy and stamina, and speed up recovery time after physical activities by improving your oxygen saturation levels. Increase your productivity by maintaining an active lifestyle. 

    The result of recent studies shows that EMF triggers oxidative stress in the tissues and causes significant changes in blood antioxidant levels, slowly killing you through mere exposure. So why risk it?

    Essential Energy provides the best solution to cut you off from harmful electromagnetic frequencies. 

    Start living an EMF-free life. Order today and expect to see the fantastic results!

    Product Details

    Size: 6.75 inches square x .5 inch tall

    Material: 5 precision aligned 316-grade stainless steel plates

    Weight: 3.5 pounds

    Accessories: Carry bag included. Home Stand sold separately.

    7" LightTower Gen 3 produces a field that has an area of approximately 3.5 acres

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