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    Light Beyond Trauma CD (set 4)
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    Light Beyond Trauma is a powerful presentation of how we are all affected by trauma. It details how little traumas and big traumas can affect everything in our lives from our daily decisions, belief systems, relationships, financial status, and even our health.  It explains how traumas even 30 years ago can still be affecting our lives and our decisions. How do you stop the unhealthy cortisol production and move into a balanced life?

    You will learn practical ways to deal with the effects of trauma (emotional or physical) in the brain and body with essential oils and other natural aids.  You will be guided through powerful emotional trauma clearings that will change your life. 

    This series is one you will want to listen to over and over because it is so packed with helpful tools and understanding of how trauma affects us and what to do about it. 


    Light Beyond Trauma (CD set of 4)
    Anatomy of Trauma(Disc 1)

    Chapter 1  Big T Little t Traumas
    Emotional Fruit of Unresolved Traumas
    Physical Fruits of Unresolved Traumas
    Neurological Fruit of Unresolved Trauma
    20 Signs of Unresolved Trauma

    Chapter 2 Flight, Flight or Freeze
    Trauma Locks the Brain in Fight, Flight or FreezeH
    How We Get Stuck in FFF
    Signs of Being Stuck in FFF

    Chapter 3  Cortisol in fight or flight
    High Cortisol-Stress protector
    Sexual Abuse; Trauma
    Cortisol and PTSD
    Cortisol Health Consequences

    Chapter 4 Birth Trauma
    Causes of Birth Trauma
    Manifestations of Birth Trauma
    Effects of Birth Trauma

    Chapter 5 Trauma Inherited
    Trauma Passing Through Generations
    Anxiety Stored in DNA
    Hormone Changes Passed on Genetically
    Trauma of Abuse Passed On
    Childhood Abuse Damages Genes
    Violence, Sexual Abuse Inherited
    Fear, Anxiety, Addictions Inherited
    Severe Traumas Inherited
    Mental Illness in Genes

    Chapter 6 Trauma & Blood Brain Barrier
    Stress and Blood Brain Barrier
    Trauma compromises Blood Brain Barrier
    Emotional & Mental Issues and BBB

    Chapter 7 Inflammation and Trauma
    Physical & Emotional Trauma causes Inflammation
    Physical Trauma and Inflammation
    Effects of Inflammation from Trauma

    Anatomy of Trauma part 2 (disc 2)

    Chapter 8 Trauma Reduction & Release Techniques
    Increased Risks
    Reducing and Releasing Trauma
    Trauma Release with Breathing
    Trauma & Dehydration
    Trauma and Glutathione
    Trauma and Mineral balance
    Trauma and Nutrition
    Brain balancing nutrition
    Salt and trauma
    Drugs for trauma
    Drug Side effects

    Chapter 9 Release & Free Traumas with Essential Oils
    Essential Oils for Effects of Trauma
    Speed of Essential oils
    Essential Oils Release Stored Emotions
    Essential Oils Balance Hormones

    Chapter 10  Ways to Overcome Trauma with Essential Oils
    Cortisol Balancing in Trauma
    Endocrine Gland Balancing
    Neroli for Trauma
    Frankincense for Trauma
    Head Trauma, Palo Santo
    Trauma Oil for Inflammation
    Blood Brain Barrier Oils
    Auditory Visual Processing Trauma Oils
    Visual Cortex  Trauma Oils

    Brain Stem Trauma oils

    Chapter 11 Subsconscious Controls Our Lives
    Clearing Emotional Blocks
    Thoughts, Words Change Trauma
    Words and Thoughts Heal
    Health Determined by Beliefs
    Thoughts Determine our Chemistry
    Rewiring with Emotional Trauma Clearing
    Deep Emotional Trauma Clearing
    Trauma Shakes our Connection with God

    Chapter 12 How to Deal with the Iceberg in our Lives?
    The Iceberg Emotions
    Stop the Cycle

    Emotional Trauma Clearing (Disc 3)

    Chapter 1 Signs of Trauma and Emotional Blocks
    Sources of Trauma and Blocked Emotions
    Consequences of Blocked Trauma
    Fight or Flight Stimulates Cortisol
    Consequences of Cortisol overproduction

    Chapter 2:  Signs of Being Locked In Fight or Flight
    Trauma and Addictions
    Unrecolved Trauma and Chronic Illness
    Blocked emotions, Blocked Energy

    Chapter 3:  Unblocking Traumas
    Using Essential Oils to Clear Blocked Emotions
    Blocked Emotions Can Affect  You for  a Lifetime
    Blocked Emotions and Disease
    Block Emotions and Locked Traumas

    Chapter 4:  Emotions are Energy
    Molecules of Emotion
    Answers in the Alternative System
    Essential Oils and Trauma

    Chapter 5:  How Oils Work
    Electromagnetic Frequency of Essential Oils
    Idaho Blue Spruce Discovered
    Trauma points
    How Idaho Blue Spruce Unlocks Trauma

    Chapter 6:  Idaho Blue Spruce
    Idaho Blue Spruce and Trauma

    Chapter 7: PMS Oils for Emotional Clearing
    Sacred Frankincense
    Reprogramming of cellular energy

    Chapter 8 How Clearing Blocked Traumas & Emotions Affect Us?
    Stories of how Idaho Blue Spruce Clears Traumas

    Emotional Trauma Clearing Practicum Session (Disc 4)

    Clearing Emotional blocks related to past traumas and the blocked emotions resulting from them.
    Dr. Allen leads the audience through a group of key emotional releases using the Idaho Blue Spruce essential oil. 

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