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    Manganese, 32 oz

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    Releasing Love, Rejecting Fear
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    Essential Family Pack - LightTower + 3 Pendants
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    Create balance and integrity with your family’s health and well-being. 

    We only want the best for our loved ones. With our Family Pack, get peace of mind knowing that the people in your life are entirely safe from the growing EMF pollution and its related health risks.

    Our Family Pack includes 3 Essential Pendants and a LightTower of your choice.

    - 4" LightTower option includes a waistbelt 

    - 5" and 7" LightTower options include a carry bag

    Want to protect your home as well? Purchase the LightTower Stand accessory.

    Why Choose Essential Energy?

    • Keep Your Family Safe – Perfect for people living in cities where exposure to toxic EMF is rampant and unavoidable. Our products are 100% safe to use 24/7 for all ages.
    • Defend yourself from EMF – Unlike other EMF products that only address a narrow set of frequencies, our plates produce a broad range of harmonic frequencies. This leaves no room for harmful exposures.
    • Restore full-body coherence – Our products are more than just EMF protection. Using resonant harmonics of light frequencies, we provide intercellular entrainment for the body. 
    • Improve overall health – When the body isn’t coherent, we feel sick. By delivering coherence within the body, you improve iron levels in the blood and boost your immune system. 
    • Significantly reduce stress – Have a clearer mind by allowing your personal biofield to heal. Finally, get a good night’s sleep and experience more vibrant well-being the next day.

    The result of recent studies shows that EMF triggers oxidative stress in the tissues and causes significant changes in blood antioxidant levels, slowly killing you through mere exposure. So why risk it?

    Essential Energy is built upon creating a safe zone against hazardous EMF exposure for the people we cherish the most, and we want to share that with you.

    Start living an EMF-free life. Order today and keep the whole family safe and sound!

    Product Details

    3 Essential Pendants

    1 LightTower (select your size)

    Material: Precision aligned 316-grade stainless steel plates

    Accessories: Stand and carry bag included for 5" and 7" LightTower, waistbelt for 4" LightTower. Stainless steel necklace chain and nylon cord necklases for each Essential Pendant.

    4", 5", and 7" Towers for EMF protection.
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